DHA Pre Eligibility and Dataflow Application Phase

  • The Pre eligibility and Dataflow or Primary Source Verification (PSV) application is the phase in which the candidate can determine if they are eligible for the category the candidate applied for, mainly based on their educational and employment background. Once the candidate determines that they are qualified to proceed on the DHA exam application process, the candidate must undergo a highly reliable background screening procedure to verify the candidate’s personal or professional credentials directly from its original issuing source. The DHA Dataflow requirements vary depending on the candidate’s profession. Therefore, please make sure the information you will provide in your application is correct. Any discrepancy may raise a red flag.
  • Two DHA application statuses or results may show on a candidates’ Dataflow report: either a positive or negative result. Each candidate who sent their documents for the verification process will be given a dedicated DHA  dataflow reference number and log in details as their reference.


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